We solve your FEA, beginning with 1st of August 2020!!!

Are you a young student, a fresh engineer or even a seasoned expert? We all have one thing in common: we don't have time to wait! 64 physical cores, 128 threads and 288 MB cache memory are at your disposal if you want the fastest solutions and the shortest solving times!

We solve your FEA!!!

Terms and steps to solve FEA or CFD with us

☆ we work for the moment with ANSYS v19.1, 2019 R3 and 2020R1; be sure that you have one of these versions,too

☆ fully prepare the FEA or CFD scenario; give it a run and ensure that it starts to solve as expected, to avoid giving us cases that will stop or not converge immediately from the beginning (we only solve your FEA, wo do not provide consultations)

☆ bring the scenario at the point where we need only to press the Solve or Compute button

☆ you have full confidentiality on your project

☆ after the solving is finished, we will store the solved FEA for 7 days and give you all the means to copy the output files; after the allocated time, the download link will expire and the solved FEA will not exist anymore in our system or elsewhere

☆ let us avoid FEA that will create very large output files, because they generate storing and uploading issues

∴   After you have read the above terms and steps, if you have ANSYS Workbench 19.1, 2019R3 or 2020R1, pay here $50 via Paypal so that we solve 1 simulation for max. 8 hours; if the solving exceeds 8 hours, we will ask for additional $, proportional to the needed solving time  

∴   After you sent the $50, go to and send us your archived case (we prefer a ZIP file) at the address (we will then check what you sent and mail you with a solving estimation; we will start the solving)

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