Solved FEA Pack 13 (Cases 121-130)

If you are interested in running the FEA scenarios seen underneath, you can download their MECHDAT files to see the settings we used for materials, mesh, contacts, loads, time steps, solver etc., together with their 3D models. On this page you find only MECHDAT files and 3D models; the PDF tutorials are found on the pages seen in the menu!


121. ANSYS WB FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS - Deep drawing/ stamping of an AL blank with decreasing thickness

Click for video with results on

Get the ANSYS WB 15 MECHDAT file + 3D model for 15$

☆ The MECHDAT files give you hints for your FEA work or training, by observing our set-up: geometry, materials, mesh, boundary conditions, analysis settings and solution items as seen in their Youtube clips. Solving is not guaranteed 100%, because ANSYS continuously changes the solving algorithms; usually they do a good job, sometimes...

☆ After you made the purchase, open the MECHDAT file and re-solve the FEA as follows:

⇒ for Static and Transient Structural: right click Solution, Clear Generated Data, Solve;

⇒ for Explicit Dynamics: right click Solution, Clear Generated Data, then go to Analysis Settings, Step Controls, Resume From Cycle = 0, Solve.

☆ Pay attention to the mentioned ANSYS Workbench version, because older versions will not open the files!