Biomechanics Modeling & Simulations Made Easy - Volume 1

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This volume is very useful to all beginners and intermediate people in simulations who will find it easy to use ANSYS Workbench to quickly perform various Biomechanics simulations by following step by step tutorials! We highly recommend printing it to see it in a beautiful resolution, for a hands-on approach! The book was made in ANSYS 2021 R1, but it should easily cover versions beginning with 19 towards 2023 and more; an upgrade to ANSYS 202R1 or higher is highly recommended, so you don't miss the latest features that the software offers!

The book contains - besides an introduction to Biomechanics modeling and simulations - detailed PDF tutorials of 2 Spaceclaim modeling scenarios, tutorials for 9 FEA cases and a tutorial for 1 CFD simulation of the following scenarios found on the Solved FEA pages at a highly discounted price:

☆ CASE 137: ANSYS WB FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS - Extension, Bending and Torsion of a fractured femur with plate (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 140: ANSYS WB FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS - Total hip replacement implant simulation (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 195: ANSYS WB Explicit Dynamics - Biomechanics simulation of leg kick in the chest (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 236: ANSYS WB Static Structural - FEA simulation of the closing and opening of an aortic valve (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 246: Structural simulation of a steel stent expansion - ANSYS WB Static Structural (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 250: Simulation of a bullet being shot through a human jaw (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 264: Nitinol SE Superelastic stent insertion inside a blood vessel - ANSYS Workbench Static Structural (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 269: Insertion simulation of catheter guide wire into a blood vessel - ANSYS Workbench Explicit Dynamics (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 322: Hemodynamics of the Arterial vs Venous Blood Flow Through the Human Heart - ANSYS Discovery 2021 R1 (YouTube link)

☆ CASE 328: Remade FEA of Plantar Pressure of Foot Pressing on Soil Using SPH (v2) - ANSYS WB Explicit Dynamics (YouTube link)

☆ Download a 77 pages sample with what is inside the 1st volume, here:


In this unique PDF book of 360 pages, 660 images, and 13 of 3D models, you receive step by step instructions via tutorials which will help you on improving and expanding your modeling and simulation knowledge and experience in the Biomechanics domain.

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