ANSYS Workbench v16 TUTORIAL 30

ANSYS Workbench v16 TUTORIAL 30: Transient Structural FEA of Wear calculation for steel pin on disk

Navigate through low resolution samples of the tutorial by clicking on the sides of the above pictures! High resolution images are available in the PDF file.

Not for beginners! In this 43 pages tutorial with ANSYS Workbench Transient Structural FEA CALCULATION OF WEAR AND ERODED VOLUME FOR STEEL PIN ON STEEL DISK (2 CASES), you receive many hints on how to improve your FEA skills and you will learn:

☆ to calculate wear on metalic parts

☆ to define various body loads

☆ to mesh in a simplified manner, for faster solving time

☆ to use APDL commands for special features

☆ to define proper Analysis Settings for shorter solving duration

☆ to define proper output for stress, probes, contact features etc.

☆ to access the quantity of eroded volume

For YouTube results video click HERE

The YouTube video is proof that applying exactly the steps and the values prescribed in our tutorial and using our 3D model - will lead you to a successful solve. Modifying the settings or the geometry used in this FEA without proper knowledge can lead to unconvergence in the solution. Please pay attention and good luck!

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